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Pinned topic Open Source leading the way in IPv6 deployment in Top 1 million sites

‏2012-05-17T02:17:08Z |
I have performed analysis of the Top 1 Million sites (as rated by alexa). It is interesting to see that even though overall take up of IPv6 (dual stack sites), is still very low at 1.1%. There is a much higher percentage of open source based sites that are moving to the new technology as opposed to Microsoft IIS based sites.

About 91% percent of sites that have implemented IPv6 are running Apache or Nginx.

More than 73.8% are running Linux; however this number is likely much higher as the Operating System detection failed for about 20% of sites.

IPv6 infographic of top web sites

IPv6 capability was not confirmed, the data came from prescense of AAAA dns records.
I will see if I can put together comparison statistics for the IBM Web Servers.


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