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Pinned topic TSM 6.3 - Training question

‏2012-05-17T01:11:11Z |
I am rolling out TSM 6.3 very soon to my environment in the next 2 weeks. I am installing it on Linux - Redhat 6.2

I was looking at the courses that IBM offers and notice they only offer the courses for Windows/AIX on TSM 6.3. They do have TSM 6.2 for Linux

My question is are there major differences between installing TSM on windows vs Linux?

I have already installed TSM 6.3 on my box, but I have not got into configuring anything yet. I am still trying to learn all the TSM concepts.

I would imagine the TSM commands and concepts would be the same on both platforms? Is that correct?
Or should I just wait and go for a TSM 6.2 course for Linux instead? I assume only minor differences between 6.2 and 6.3? The only thing is the next course it not until the end of June.

Any advice?