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Pinned topic ReApplying apmTip.war and receive Error ADMA0185W

‏2012-05-16T11:36:04Z |
This is just an FYI in case some else has this problem and did not uninstall apmTIP.war . I ran into this error when reapplying the refresh version of apmTIP.war from Beta 2. We were able to correct the problem by running the following commands
$AdminConfig reset - used when you make install ***.war on TIP,
$AdminApp update isc modulefile {-operation delete -contenturi apmTIP.war} used to delete the apmTIP.war from T

Received this error:

ADMA0185W: An update application operation failed and the configuration session
could not be restored to its state before the operation was initiated. The conf
iguration session is in an inconsistent state, and changes made in the session s
hould be discarded.