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Pinned topic Setting agent config parameter 'cpu_threshold' returns an error

‏2012-05-16T10:52:39Z |

According to this :

There is an agent config variable called 'cpu_threshold'

However, when I run :

lmt>setagentconf -d Tivoli-Dev-Low-CPU -k cpu_threshold -v 10 -s active

I get this error :

CODIF7564E: The specified parameter cpu_threshold does not exist for this agent.

The server is version 7.5

The "Tivoli-Dev-Low-CPU" scan group has 1 agent, which is version 7.5

I have other scan groups with version 7.2.2 agents, and these also return the same error.
Has anyone successfully set this parameter, or is it a documentation error ?


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    Re: Setting agent config parameter 'cpu_threshold' returns an error

    Hi John,

    This parameter is not available in version 7.5, the documentation has already been corrected and is in the process of being republished.

    Thank you