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Pinned topic New OSLC Workgroups

‏2012-05-15T15:28:00Z |
If you are interested in helping to define new OSLC Specifications, please view the Proposals for new specifications .
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    Re: New OSLC Workgroups

    Note: the forum interface currently has its own login separate from the rest of the OSLC site, and you will not have a "post reply" button until you are logged in.

    So, once you are looking at a specific thread that you want to respond to, e.g. the solicitation for interest in forming an Event Mgmt WG use the Register link (if you never registered for OSLC forums before) and then Log in link. Once you are logged in, the "post reply" button will display.

    The requirement for a separate OSLC Forums login is temporary, so expect this to change some time after Innovate (first week of June 2012).
    John Arwe, Tivoli OSLC Technical Lead