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‏2012-05-15T14:33:48Z |

Does anyone know how to create ALTER statement in IDA 7.6?

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    Re: Creating ALTER statement

    Hello Adhil, are you trying to create an ALTER statement from scratch, via Generate DDL from a PDM or using the Compare Original Source capability?

    If you are creating one from scratch then if you haven't done so create a Data Development Project. Call it My SQL Stuff. Open the project and right click on SQL Scripts and choose New. Call the SQL Script My_ALTER_Statement. From within the SQL Script type AL then press Ctrl-Space (Content Assist). This will bring up the ALTER statement template show below:

    ALTER TABLE table_name ADD column_name INTEGER NOT NULL;

    The IDA product comes with several SQL templates that you can customize, copy or even import your own.

    Let the fun begin!