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‏2012-05-15T11:11:10Z |
I just installed WEF v8 and intend to start using it after 3+ years of using IBM MashupCenter.
The initial tutorial is fine - I can create an application that connects to the local DB and displays the data.
My problem is now - "how do I acquire data from a remote DB2 database?"
I have tried creating a Connection Profile (File > New > Other > Connection Profile). The "Test Connection" completes ok but I cannot get any of the builders to "see" this connection profile as a datasource. Let's say I named it "RemoteTest".
I CAN create an SQL File using this connection as the datasource (File > New > Other > SQL Development > SQL File ).
I use the name of the connection profile that I created earlier (RemoteTest) and the result shows that I can connect to the remote DB2 database and build an SQL query for it. If I save the file (testSQL.sql) it can be run in the Developer framework and produces a list of DB entries.

So how do I get one of the SQL builders to see RemoteTest as a datasource? I've looked at all the builders but am failing miserably!
I'm willing to believe this is pretty fundamental but I just can't see it so far..

Can someone give me the kickstart to get me on my way please??

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