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Pinned topic Getting Started - Connecting to remote DB2 databases

‏2012-05-15T11:07:59Z |
I just installed WEF v8 and intend to start using it after 3+ years of using IBM MashupCenter.
The initial tutorial is fine - I can create an application that connects to the local DB and displays the data.
My problem is now - "how do I acquire data from a remote DB2 database?"
I have tried creating a Connection Profile (File > New > Other > Connection Profile). The "Test Connection" completes ok but I cannot get any of the builders to "see" this connection profile as a datasource. Let's say I named it "RemoteTest".
I CAN create an SQL File using this connection as the datasource (File > New > Other > SQL Development > SQL File ).
I use the name of the connection profile that I created earlier (RemoteTest) and the result shows that I can connect to the remote DB2 database and build an SQL query for it. If I save the file (testSQL.sql) it can be run in the Developer framework and produces a list of DB entries.

So how do I get one of the SQL builders to see RemoteTest as a datasource? I've looked at all the builders but am failing miserably!
I'm willing to believe this is pretty fundamental but I just can't see it so far..

Can someone give me the kickstart to get me on my way please??

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    Re: Getting Started - Connecting to remote DB2 databases

    ‏2012-05-15T13:51:09Z  in response to DonH
    WEF just asks the appserver (WAS) what the available datasources on that server instance are, so if you create a valid data source on the WAS server, then it should show up in the available data sources in the WEF SQL builders. It's not a RAD connection profile in RAD that the WEF SQL builders are looking for, but whether the application server WEF is connected to knows about the data source.

    • DonH
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      Re: Getting Started - Connecting to remote DB2 databases

      ‏2012-05-23T15:41:23Z  in response to mburati
      Thanks for the response.

      I should have said in my original post that the application server in use was WASCE. I discovered a few items in the WEF/WPF Wiki and also in DeveloperWorks which outline how to set up connections to remote databases from WASCE .... and to also ensure that you modify the content of WASCE.WEB.XML and GERONIMO-WEB.XML in /WebContent/WEB-INF/bin/deployment/ to reflect the dependencies and resources for this connection.

      What it didn't tell me - and this is so frustratingly fundamental :-) is that WASCE does actually tell you if there is a problem getting the connection established. You just need to open your eyes :-)
      However, the documentation doesn't make any suggestion about testing the connection with the "RUN SQL" function on the WASCE datasource definition page. Realising that I could have quickly diagnosed db connection issues form the console would have saved me a lot of unnecessary diagnostic work.

      So it's now fixed and I can access remote datasources...