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Pinned topic IZE0105E Connection failed with exception null

‏2012-05-14T18:51:00Z |

Trying the new v1.1.1 with z/OSMF and cannot get the new connection working.
I can login through a web browser to z/OSMF verified that is still working fine but trying to connect to a z/OSMF connect gets IZE0105E Connection failed with exception null.

I will attach Service data.

FTP connection again works just fine.

Running z/OS 1.12

What do you you think?

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    Re: IZE0105E Connection failed with exception null

    Hi Sam,

    RESTful access to the JES facilities in z/OSMF requires z/OSMF V1.13, so I'm not surprised it doesn't work on V1.12. That said, I'd have hoped that the error message might have been more helpful.