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Pinned topic Multiple user login concurrently

‏2012-05-13T07:27:58Z |
I have created one test which does login with user , change its password and logout.
Now I have created a datapool of 10 users.
I want to run the test such that 5 users login at the same time that is simultaneously and do the change password operation.
How can I achieve running the test concurrently for specific number of users???
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  • RobertoFdez
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    Re: Multiple user login concurrently

    Create a Scheduled Test and load ten users at the same time.
  • BhadraBheemireddy
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    Re: Multiple user login concurrently

    ya first we need to correlate the data pool(importing, adding and substitute with data pool value),
    then create a schedule (here mention no.of Virtual users)
    add test to this schedule and then click on run