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‏2012-05-10T22:47:12Z |
I have a requirement as follows. How to achieve this

The Data Power service should accept the RESTful requests, parse the parameters from incoming string and use them on a SOAP call to backend.
After receiving the SOAP response from the Backend Server, the Data Power service should parse the Soap response and convert them into a query string response and deliver to client

Upon following the article
It showed for the request part, but for response it puts in location header, how to send the response as string

Any ideas
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    Re: Protocol conversion

    I assume the current stylesheet you are looking at is doing a dp:set-response-header extension function? The conversion of SOAP to non-XML is not part of your question???? Just output the string with a <xsl:value-of select="$response" /> as part of your stylesheet and have a <xsl:output method="text" /> in your stylesheet.