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Pinned topic How do I create a Summary Footer based on two separate Lists

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I have a list report with two detail lists in it. Both report on expenditures with one list returning detailed Employee expenditures and the other list returning detailed Vendor Expenditures. They both have an "Amount" column that builds a "Total Amount" Summary Footer in each list. Each list is derived from separate queries due to unique filters that cause each list to return unique data from one another. Each list has calculated columns that are uniquely named and not the same number of columns in each query from the other so a UNION does not appear feasible.

The Spec requires that I create a third "list" footer that is the difference of the Total Employee Expenditures (TEE) and the Total Vendor Expenditures (TVE) (ie. TEE-$10,000 minus TVE-$15,000 = ($5,000) Total Report Expenditures).

PROBLEM: How do I create ONLY a free-floating Summary Footer based on the Total Summary footers in two separate lists with independent queries?

(I have attached an example of my report for inspection. I just need to display a separate footer that subtracts the footer total in the "Salary Detail Report" list from the footer total in the "Non-Payroll Generated Entries" list.)
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    Re: How do I create a Summary Footer based on two separate Lists

    In order to calculate between the two queries you are going to have to get both data items into a single query. You maybe able to get away with creating placeholder data items to equal up the count to perform a union.
    Attached please find a spec against the samples that illustrates this approach. It's really not pretty but I am hoping it will help a bit.