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Pinned topic Number of Command QMGRs in a large MQFTE network

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Hi, I've posted this question in the MQ forum, so please excuse me for whom read it twice.

We’re planning to create a large MQFTE network, I don’t have doubts with coordination QMGR, but with Command QMGR I have.

I cannot find any documentation that talk to me if what is better, a few Command QMGR’s or define all Agent QMGR’s as Command QMGR as well.

As we will create a Cluster MQ network, administering is not an issue, but I would like to find any suggestion or advice that points me in the correct way. It would sound reasonable that if agent QMGR have the corresponding command qmgr’s definitions of each agent which connects to it reduces the spof (single point of failure), and the number of objects is the same.

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    Re: Number of Command QMGRs in a large MQFTE network

    Here is a simple rule of thumb to follow. Whatever the agent QM is for an Agent, set the command.properites for that agent to the same values as listed in the file.

    A command QM is not a defined MQ object , just a a QM (1 or more) that can accept command line requests (i.e. fteCreateTransfer, etc) that need to be routed to the specified agent for processing.

    Since you are already configuring an Agent QM for connectivity, security, etc then everything will already be in place for it to function as the command QM for commands issued form that agents location.