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Pinned topic RBD not working in Windows 7

‏2012-05-09T04:24:56Z |

I checked the forum and found out that RBD version is compatible with Windows 7. I installed RBD After installation, when I try to open its giving an exception message which is attached herewith.

Could anyone please help me in resolving this error.

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  • markevans
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    Re: RBD not working in Windows 7


    Don't know if you have this resolved yet or not.

    If not, I assume you installed the RBD V7.5 base and then applied the fixpacks for

    Given that, I googled this error and it appears to be related to something specified in the config.ini file in the
    <install>\SDP\configuration folder that cannot be found. As a general rule, I would think the install would write out all the required jar files referenced in this.

    In one google entry, I found something related to the specification in this file for the workspace in the "program files" folder. Windows 7 tends to have issues with a non-Administrator user manipulate the Program files maybe that has some relation.

    If this does not help, i would suggest you open a PMR and get help from the support center.
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    Re: RBD not working in Windows 7

    Hi Tribid,

    I can verify what Mark says. At our company we experienced problems after installing RBD to the default installation path on Windows 7, due to access right restrictions. So, we have installed everything to C:\IBM and that works fine (we are on