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Pinned topic Strange ftpd behavior

‏2012-05-08T23:18:59Z |
We have always had anonymous ftp set up on our box for local file exchange. Recently upgraded from AIX 5.3 to AIX 6.1 TL7 and I am seeing some strange behavior.

Using a command line client from a windows or linux box, all is well. Can upload, download and list files just fine. However, when accessing the box with a GUI client like filezilla, IE or firefox, the files do not list. I can still upload files with these clients and I can download files if I put the full file path in, but the listing will not show.

Have turned on debugging in the ftpd server and everything looks fine except the files listing will not show in the GUIs.

This all happens with the anonymous user. If you connect with real user credentials in any of the above GUI clients, files list and it all works as before.

What could be stopping the display of files listing in the GUIs?


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    Re: Strange ftpd behavior

    Well I have found the problem but not sure of the fix.

    It seems that the ftpd is processing the commands differently.

    The ls command issues a NLST command to the server and produces a short list of files just fine. However, the dir command that issues the LIST command should produce a long list of files with size, ownership and attributes etc is producing nothing.

    The GUI programs are using the dir / LIST form to get all the info on the file and that's where the failure is.

    On my 5.3 box the commands work as they should. This is only happening on my 6.1 box.

    So I have the problem nailed down, but not sure of the solution. Not sure if there is a configuration in the 6.1 ftpd that is missing and causing this or a bug in the 6.1 ftpd.

    I suppose I could use a 3rd party ftpd, but would prefer to stay with the system version.

    Any ideas?