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Pinned topic .compare files are not getting deleted

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We recently upgraded to Clearcase 8.
Using the Clearcase remote client (ClearTeam Explorer), when we do a comparison with previous version in a Clearcase Team Explorer view, it creates .compare file in the same directory as the source file, to download the previous version from server for comparison. Once we are done with the comparison and come out of it, it does not delete this temporary .compare file. This used to happen in Clearcase 7.
When we do many comparisons, we'll end up with lot of temporary files in the same directory as the source code.

Is there any preference which controls this behavior?

Thanks in Advance.
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    Re: .compare files are not getting deleted


    did you find an solution about this problem?
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    Re: .compare files are not getting deleted

    There is a trigger that does this here:

    All source code is included...

    Hope this helps...

    Try ClearTrigger, ClearReplica and ClearWeb at

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