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Pinned topic SOA Sandbox: Implement Dynamic Endpoint Lookup

‏2012-05-08T12:37:45Z |
I am unable to go beyond the login page that reads, "IBM SOA Sandbox Online Trial Environment." How do I get the credentials to login? These don't seem to be the developerWorks credentials as I have already tried them.

Interesting that the IBM SOA Sandbox requires credentials whereas the RAD tool Sandbox did not.
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    Re: SOA Sandbox: Implement Dynamic Endpoint Lookup

    Hello Rao,

    Can you provide URL details from your MetaFrame Window? This is window that contains icons to start exercise. I need the numbers at start of URL.

    It appears you received a corrupted image, as all our exercises are designed to start after you clear the log-in and click the exercise icon. Given the image details, we can manually refresh the image & assign you a new session.