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Pinned topic Running out of AUX storage

‏2012-05-07T13:36:35Z |
This thread is from a customer of mine who is evaluating RDT.

"I believe I’ve ran into our first real issue with RUT. Seems when I get a few jobs running, RUT goes short on AUX storage. Not exactly sure who to send this to, so I’ll send it to you and let you send it to the correct person on your or Larry’s team…. If I cancel some jobs and restart things I get past this issue, but this is certainly an issue going forward. Help please."

The answer below was provided by a System z administrator for Sirius Computing Solutions, an IBM business partner who is involved in the evaluation.

"This is a simple fix. The issue is that the amount of LOCAL page datasets is something that is customer dependant. Being that a second DB2 sub-system was brought up, that the number of local page datasets needs to be increased. If you do a ‘D ASM’ command you will see that you are probably climbing close or above 70 percent full. You might want to look on your production system how big and many of LOCAL page datasets you have defined, via the ‘D ASM’ command. Once you use the IDCAMS job to define another LOCAL page dataset, you can use the PAGEADD command to add it dynamically to the RUT system. Then also update the appropriate IEASYSxx (probably IEASYSDB) in the USER.PARMLIB with the extra(s) local page datasets."