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Pinned topic problem with IBM Debugger Engine (irmtdbgc)

‏2012-05-07T03:10:48Z |
Hi All,

I tried IBM Debugger recently, and like it very much, it helps a lot in my development, but I have a problem with it now. It works fine with simple program which is single thread, not involving third-party component etc.., but when I attached it our server application which is multi-thread, and managed under IBM Encina, I still can set breakpoints and step through the code, but I can't view value of variables or monitor expressions. Once I do that, my server program would crash with memory fault. I checked the trace file of the debugger engine, couldn't find anything useful, it always stop at

240.166561 (1): **RDR: IRDR_Executable_Module_Reader.cpp(134): Building global class tags for module .....

I compiled my program with XLC++ v10.1, and AIX is v6.1, and the debugger is V8.03 with latest patch(20111201). Could anyone here help me? Thanks in advance.