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‏2012-05-06T23:19:57Z |
Hi all,

This is a customer need that I want to discuss with all the Tivoli enthusiasts.

One of our costumers want to implement something like a Business Intelligence solution but with a predictive monitoring feature.

The predictive monitoring that they wants, basically, is an automatic analysis and event notification over their costumers transactions deviation on some time basis, taking as thresholds a baseline.

This client doesn't want to make a investment in software and actually is very confortable with the TBSM and ITM capabilities.

This is my idea for make this:

1. Capture the data from diferent soruces using IBM Tivoli Monitoring Universal Agent or a ETL script made in Perl.
2. Make a base Line using Tivoli Data Warehouse o an SQL script.
3. Use Tivoli Monitoring to make situations that notify when some group of data does not meet the base line conditions.
4. Use Tivoli Integrated Portal and Tivoli Business Service Manager to generate a service models and make dynamics charts about the information.

This is my aproach to a BI solution using TBSM and ITM. I don't know if this is the best solution but right now is what I have.
I really appreciatie any advice or suggestion to make this better or if any have other approximation to make this.

Best Regards,
Hernan Arredondo
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    Re: BI Solution based on Tivoli

    Hi Hernan,
    Have you or your customer looked at ITPA (IBM Tivoli Performance Analytics)? This works on top of ITM and provides predictive / trending analysis on metrics captured by standard agents (ITM and universal agent) and stored in TDW. I believe it provides most of the capabilities you describe to capture metrics / analyze metrics / drive situations based on analysis of metrics / provides visuals thru default workspaces . TBSM stores service availability as metrics within TDW as well as providing the means to store KPIs pulled into TBSM into the warehouse as well. So business metrics used within TBSM can be analyzed as well.

    Here are two links to data on ITPA:

    IBM Tivoli Performance Analyzer
    product info
    product doc

    I would take a look to see how well this would meet your customers requirements before starting to build a solution from the ground up.

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    Re: BI Solution based on Tivoli

    There are certainly things you can do there within the TBSM/Impact area such using the TWA, custom policies to collect/correlate/evaluate metrics, etc. There may be features within Cognos based TCR that can be exploited as well.