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Pinned topic Conditionally filtering drill-through lists from stacked column chart

‏2012-05-05T17:18:37Z |
I am trying to conditionally filter a drill-through list from a stacked column chart, based on the clicked component (series) of a stacked bar. I have the following optional filter in my target:
(?Flag? = 1 AND <consequent>)
(?Flag? IS NULL AND <alternative>)

where ?Flag? receives a static dataitem (=1) from the source report when a particular series is clicked. Unfortunately, when the flag is null, i.e., when one of the other series is clicked, the filter misbehaves by not applying <alternative> to the query. Can someone tell me a way to fix this?
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    Re: Conditionally filtering drill-through lists from stacked column chart

    When the filter is optional, if the parameter is not supplied then the filter will be dropped from the query. An optional filter does not mean that the parameter will automatically be filled with a null. In your target report you could create a hidden text prompt with a default value for the Flag parameter set to zero or some other known constant and this would then take the place of the null in the filter. Alternately, you could modify all the other drill through definitions to pass some other constant value so that you can pick it up the other scenarios in your target report.