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Pinned topic web application using jsf technology within eclipse

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I m just beginner of jsf technology in eclipse IDE, I immensely need to learn jsf technology ,because a whole job portal project (web application) has been given to me by a company, where I m employed now a days., I m too anxcious to learn same technology in advance pattern, so please help me out..I even downloaded helloworld jsf application, but it is my bad days , that this project is not going to be imported at all. I have many questions regarding jsf technology used for developing application in eclipse as follows:-
1.What jar files I need to configure.
2.What is the directory structure.
3.what are the steps for developing web application using
jsf. will I configure the mysql database, and even do i need to download extra driver jar files, to be configured, while i have wamp server.
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    Re: web application using jsf technology within eclipse

    Hi Inamul,

    For Jsf implementation you need the latest versions of the following jars,

    a) jsf-api.jar
    b) jsf-impl.jar

    You can place them under the web-inf/lib folder of your application or place it in the lib folder of your server if all the apps you host on the server require jsf implementation.

    Please refer the below link for a quick walkthrough,

    You can use JPA (Java persistence API) and configure your connection parameters in persistence.xml.

    For Adding JPA Support to your project: Right click your project,in properties, Select Project Facets and check Java Persistence.(Assuming you have Ganymede).

    Please refer the following link to know more about JPA,

    and this link to integrate it with an JSF application,