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‏2012-05-05T00:41:15Z |

Here's a pile of source code that isn't getting fresher over time. What it includes is:

1) Custom Java Security Provider: multi-tenant configurable and way more robust than current Cognos samples that ship with the product

2) Utility classes: including Connection, Tasks, and ConnectionPool that may be useful for common tasks or for use in servlets (note that a CJAP provider cannot directly make calls to the Cognos SDK if the SDK call requires invoking the CJAP (yes, there are work-arounds)).

What it does not include is:

1) Documentation. I don't have time to document and support this. There are no "quick starts" or videos. If you cannot figure out what to with the code, how to link SDK libraries, setup the property file, write SQL queries for your database, etc. -- don't bother with this and do call a consultant.

2) Guarantees. Nothing here is guaranteed or waranteed by me or IBM or anyone to work.

3) Freedom from open source code. There may be stuff here that is copied and paste from open source projects whose licenses I do not track. The OFBIZ stuff is ok for commercial use but check it out and replace what you think may be suspect if you are concerned about this.

My hope in releasing this pile of code is to build more SDK expertise out here on the forums. Also, together we can help make this code more robust. If someone wants to start a proper open source repository... be my guest.

Most but not all of this code is available as snippets in various places. However, the CJAP samples out there today are inadequate. This should help until Cognos releases better samples.

Let me warn you that implementing the full CJAP spec (including property filters, for instance) -- which most implementations do not need -- is very hard. Motio (formerly Focus Technologies) has done a great job and charge accordingly. Locus, LPA, Bright Star and other partners can also help if you want perfection. Look in places like this to find partners with SDK expertise.

Anyway.... have at it comrades.
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