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Pinned topic Limit to the Numer of Objects in Datapower

‏2012-05-04T13:43:30Z |
We have 200-300 SOAP based services that need to be implemented in Datapower. The first thought is to use the Web Service Proxy because it is perfect for just about everything we want to do.

Is there a limitation that anyone has seen with the number of ws-proxies that can be used per Domain?

Second, I was told that at this number of services Datapower may take an hour or more to restart to load all the objects. Is that true?
Is there a relationship to the number of objects and the restart time? That seems to put a lot of pressure on deployments if you have to wait an hour to load and verify.
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  • kenhygh
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    Re: Limit to the Numer of Objects in Datapower

    If you really have 200-300 different WSDLs, that each have unique processing requirements, then you'll likely want to segregate these services across multiple appliances. Or, if you're going to need to be able to version each service independently, you'll again want to split them across multiple machines. I generally recommend splitting up services/WSDLs based on business unit or application set or "those things that will be identical release schedules".

    If, however, these services all have pretty much the same requirements, spread across a couple of dozen WSDL files, all of which can be on the same release cycle, then you can load 'em all into a single WSP.

  • irazabal
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    Re: Limit to the Numer of Objects in Datapower

    I agree with Ken in principle - however most organizations can't afford to segregate their apps in different appliances - so I say stick with what you have, but don't put it all in one proxy. For several reasons:
    1) Makes it slow(er) to come up - not minutes - but certainly several seconds at least - it really will depend on where the WDSLs are loaded from - if local (internal) it should not be too bad.
    2) makes it hard(er) to maintain - since 1 change to any of the WSDLs means you must test them all (potentially).
    3) there is really no benefit to have just one, it is easier to maintain versioning with multiple WSPs and in terms of memory utilization at runtime, multiple smaller WSP would probably use the same as one large one. Additionally, I would think it would also be easier to allocate resources if you don't have a huge monolithic object hanging around
    4) if the ONE goes down ALL go down - not a good situation to be in...

    Just my 2 cents,
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    Re: Limit to the Numer of Objects in Datapower

    Thanks for the responses.
    Your comments made me realize the differences are in the authentication step to the services. The services themselves with the exception of a few have the same processing steps.
    It also does not sound like there is a huge concern about building so many objects that the device takes a long time(in minutes) to start up.