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Pinned topic How Agent communicates to admin server

‏2012-05-04T09:34:38Z |

I have few questions on TAD.
i) How TAD agent comunicates to TAD server
ii) What the files creted when installing the agent/server and what the use of files
iii)What is the use of tmp directory in TAD
iv) Why we are using TAD product in partcular organization.
v)Why we are using websphere,VCenter/VMManager,Bladelogic in TAD product.

Can any one please give the answers.. it is urgent

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: How Agent communicates to admin server


    Some of the answers can be found in documentation, here are the links:

    Agent communication:
    Agent files:

    TADd uses tmp dir to generate stand alone scripts for sure, possibly other generated PDFs, CSVs. Also at install time and imports like software catalog, PVU table, RVU tier table. Thats all I can think of.

    If you can help me understand exactly what do you mean by your last two questions, I will try to help as well.

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