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Pinned topic VIO Upgrade from to failing on Blade JS12

‏2012-05-03T19:46:38Z |
I'm trying to install VIO on a JS12 blade. I install FP23 just fine, but when I try to update it to FP24 the first CD (of 5) runs and says it completes, but doesn't ask for the other disks like normally occurs. I then try to do an ios -commit and nothing commits. ioslevel shows that I'm still at FP23.

The first install I did went fine, but I found that when I updated the installation failed due to the system having only allocated 3GB to /usr and FP24 requires more than that. I allocated 6GB which should be well under the 4.5 GB estimate and the FP24 installation shows it completes.

It does show 3 requisites that failed, which causes 67 installation items to fail to update due to dependencies. 67 seems like a high number, has anyone run into this issue and hopefully know a solution for it?

Failed dependencies:

bos.INed # Base Level Fileset # Base Level Fileset # Base Level Fileset
Any help is very appreciated.
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    Re: VIO Upgrade from to failing on Blade JS12


    I have the same problem. I am in the VIOS FP23 and when go to update the next Fix VIOS 2.2.x the install is not correct becasue "Failed dependencies".


    This has a bug of software,