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‏2012-05-03T15:50:49Z |
I have a printer file that was created with the parameters PAGESIZE(21.0 29.7 *UOM) UOM(*CM), which effectively makes it landscape. It makes use of an overlay that was created from a MS Word document that is also in landscape. For years this has worked perfectly, but we want to start emailing the documents and this is now causing me a lot of grief.

To email the document, I first use the OVRPRTF command to produce a PDF file. Unfortunately, when I do this, the overlay appears at 90º to the text. I've tried a number of things to correct this, but the only way I can manage it is to specify PAGRTT(90) when I create the printer file. This makes the overlay and text align again, but when the PDF is opened everything is at 90º, which will look a bit amateurish to our customers when they open the email.

I suspect that without the PAGRTT(90) parameter, the text was automatically being rotated by either the OS or the printer itself because otherwise it would be too wide to print in portrait and that this isn't happening when the output is directed to a PDF document.

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to correct this or do I need to raise a PMR?
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    you can't use MS WORD for creating landscape Overlays, it turns internally the output before using the AFP-Printer. Try using Photoshop or Gimp. You can control your output with the AFP Workvbench Viewer.