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Pinned topic Memory leak is not detected by Purify

‏2012-05-03T09:33:23Z |
My application is in VS2006 and i have used "MFC in Shared DLL" and my Run Time Library is "MultiThreaded DLL that is /MD".but its not working in Purify Software.Please help where i m wrong?

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    Re: Memory leak is not detected by Purify

    Hi asha123,

    1. Be sure you're building your application with the recommended settings
    (see attached HTM file). There are only about 5 settings, but they're
    all critical!

    2. Try Purify'ing the HELLO.exe sample application. If that fails as
    well, the problem is something in your environment. (e.g., The version
    of Purify that you're using may be incompatible with the OS version,
    you may be using an Anti-Virus solution that interferes with Purify,

    3. For problems of this kind, your best bet is to contact Tech Support. In
    the US and Canada, you can call 1-800-IBM-SERV. (Be sure to have your
    IBM Customer Number handy when you call).