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Pinned topic ESB not able to pick message with MQHRF2 for MQJMS Binding

‏2012-05-03T01:25:17Z |

I am getting message with MQHRF2 header attached
RFH ñ©MQSTR ©T<mcd><Msd>jms_text</Msd><Type>ClientOperation</Type></mcd> $<jms><Dst>queue://SYD00/SBA.GIDS?destDescription=PCR</Dst><Rto>queue://SYD001D1/SBA.GIDS?destDescription=PCR</Rto><Tms>1336007219842</Tms><Cid>1336120791</Cid><Pri>9</Pri><Dlv>2</Dlv></jms> and so on

when ESB picking message it is getting below exception
5/2/12 19:42:35:908 EDT FFDC Exception:java.lang.RuntimeException SourceId:java.lang.RuntimeException caught trying to serialize BO BusinessObject: @15d015d (:mixed=ServiceMessageObject:smo=ServiceMessageObject: ServiceMessageObject@3b013b01 (context=ContextType@3b483b48, headers=HeadersType@41ab41ab,, smo=ServiceMessageObject@3b013b01) (mixed: ServiceMessageObject:smo=ServiceMessageObject: ServiceMessageObject@3b013b01 (context=ContextType@3b483b48, headers=HeadersType@41ab41ab, ProbeId:214
java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occurred while parsing native data: The error message is: commonj.connector.runtime.DataBindingException: commonj.connector.runtime.DataBindingException: commonj.connector.runtime.DataHandlerException: Error reading XML

But if the same message is send without MQHRF2 header its works fine. I know it is something related to function selector and binding format.

can someone suggest me which function selector and binding format to use for MQJMS Binding
or do we need to write our own Binding ?

I am using Version: 7.0.0