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Pinned topic Passing values to a Column Map Procedure

‏2012-05-03T01:00:26Z |
Hey there,
I forgot how to read a passed string to the column map procedure when it is called from a column map. I've done this a while ago but forgot. I scrutinized the manuals but couldn't find it anywhere.
This is so simple yet my brain has stopped working (another issue which I won't bore you with).

Within a column map you can call the column map procedure as follows:

PROC TEST.CM ('hello World')

How do I read the string in the column map procedure?

I know I'm going to slap my head for this one.

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    Re: Passing values to a Column Map Procedure

    I have those days too! I think you are looking for the Arg and ArgCount functions:

    Hidden in the Optim Basic Reference:
    Returns, as a string, the argument for the nth parameter, passed to the procedure as long.

    Returns, as long, the number of parameters passed to the procedure.