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Pinned topic *NEW* Tivoli Endpoint Manager OS Deployment 2.2

‏2012-05-02T20:36:37Z |
IBM is pleased to announce the release of Tivoli Endpoint Manager OS Deployment 2.2.

This release has two feature additions
• Driver Management - A new dashboard will be added to allow for uploading and managing drivers that are used during reimage and capture.
• Bootable Media Creation Tool - A new tool will be available to create self contained bootable media for imaging an offline bare metal computer.

New Dashboard:
• Driver Library – Found in Systems Lifecycle->OS Deployment->Manage Images and Drivers

New Analyses:
• Hardware Information (ID: 34)

New Fixlets:
• Deploy MDT Media Creator (ID: 1)
• Update Server Whitelist for Driver Management (ID: 36)

Published site version:
OS Deployment, version 13.

Actions to Take:
The driver management functionality can be enabled or disabled for use at reimage and capture job creation time. Prior to using, Fixlet 36 should be ran on the server, analysis 34 should be activated and drivers uploaded to the Driver Library dashboard.
Existing capabilities will function as they currently do after this update if TEM Driver Management is not enabled.

Additional Resources:
Updated documentation with more detailed information will be available shortly at the following location.

Application Engineering Team
Tivoli Endpoint Manager