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Pinned topic Run Cognos 7.4 reports on Cognos 10.1

‏2012-05-02T19:36:35Z |
I installed the evaluation copy of Cognos 10.1 and I am trying to run my reports that were developped using Cognos 7.4 (*.imr files) and I can't figure out how to do it.

I figured out how to create my DataSource to my Oracle database and it works.

I created a new project, now where do I go to run existing "*.imr" reports?
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    Re: Run Cognos 7.4 reports on Cognos 10.1

    I don't recall seeing any documentation about running IMR reports (Impromptu) in Cognos BI 10.x.

    Impromptu was a Windows (fat-client) program, but practically all of C10 is web-based.

    If you had followed the real-time upgrade process (Impromptu to Cognos ReportNet to Cognos 8 to Cognos 10) there was a set of utilities which converted the IMRs to XML and formatted them for the web-based components. I don't even know if those utilities are still around.

    With all that said, even if the conversion utilities existed you would be much better off re-building the reports from scratch.

    For example, you created the data source connection to Oracle. But you haven't converted your Impromptu Catalog(s) to C10. You'll have to build a Framework Manager model and publish that. You have about 7000% more functionality in FM than you had in Impromptu Catalogs.

    Then Report Studio has about another 15000% functionality that you didn't have in Impromptu (drill-through reports, bookmarks, advanced filtering and aggregation rules, etc.). Overall I suggest using your Impromptu reports as guides to building new reports using C10.

    Good luck,