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Pinned topic J2EE Error: Saving the report to the Cognos: ReportService_PortType.add

‏2012-05-02T14:49:07Z |
Hi I am using Cognos 10 SDK to connect to Cognos 10 Server.
I am getting a Client Error, when saving the report to the Cognos10 Server using ReportService_PortType.add.

Here is the Code snippet I am using

public ReportService_PortType getReportService() {
return getReportService(false, "");

// sn_dg_sdk_mng_svc_hdrs_start_1
public ReportService_PortType getReportService(boolean isNewConversation, String RSGroup)
BiBusHeader bibus = null;
bibus =
BIBusHeaderHelper.getHeaderObject(((Stub)repService).getResponseHeader ("", "biBusHeader"), isNewConversation, RSGroup);

if (bibus == null)
BiBusHeader CMbibus = null;
CMbibus =
BIBusHeaderHelper.getHeaderObject(((Stub)cmService).getResponseHeader("", "biBusHeader"), true, RSGroup);

((Stub)repService).setHeader("", "biBusHeader", CMbibus);
((Stub)repService).setHeader("", "biBusHeader", bibus);


return repService;

try {
  • new SearchPathSingleObject(parentPath), rpt, addOpts);*

Exception: Axis Fault
Detail message : Client Error
Fault Headers : See attached

Please help me. Thanks a lot in advance.