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Pinned topic Adding non-identifying optional FK relationship to Physical Model diagram

‏2012-05-02T12:50:32Z |
I HAC who has reverse engineered from the actual database to the physical model a database/schema/tables into
the IDA project. So far - so good.

Now, they want to add a relationship betwen two tables table-a and table-b to show where a Foreign Key should be
in the diagram related to these tables WITHOUT affecting the actual database ie...they are not going generate DDL
and push it back into the database. They simply want to track using IDA all the places that should have a FK relationship.

When they modify the diagram using "non-identifying optional FK relationship" AND set the ENFORCED BOX UNCHECKED.

The IDA tool ends up creating things which are considered dangling relationships should they try to import the .dbm into the InfoSphere Repository EVEN THOUGH both the validate and ANALYZE claim the model is ok.

Precisely, we can see that the following things are generated:

<extensions xsi:type="OptimExtensions:InferredForeignKeyDetails" xmi:id="_NPCvoITIEeGbzqfedHtR2g" complete="false"/>
enforced="false" members="_NdmsqBq7EeGg4szZMdPx8w" onDelete="RESTRICT" uniqueConstraint="_Ndc76hq7EeGg4szZMdPx8w"

http://I am attaching the full .pdm

Is there a way to mark up the diagram such that i can create such a relationship without it impacting the customers ability to have an importable .dbm into the InfoSphere repository using the DBM Metabroker?


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    Re: Adding non-identifying optional FK relationship to Physical Model diagram

    Hello Russ .

    I can see from the attached pdm you are refer to FK relationship between ASSOCADDRESS and ADDRESSTYPE in diagram party. Could you tell more about the IDA env the customer using , is IDA shell sharing with other optim product together .Since this extension is not added from IDA side from my understanding, I tried the same model same diagram by deleting the relationship and add again, the extension is not added in my env .

    Thanks .