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I'm in the process of designing a new database structure to store document data received from a third-party. We currently receive the documents in XML format, shred them, and store them in a relational database with 17 tables. The database currently serves two functions: 1)Store documents for display at a later time 2)Store documents so that an application can scan for duplicate reports prior to making a new request to the third-party. I understand how moving to a pureXML storage layout will improve the performance of function #1, but I'm struggling to find any definitive research regarding function #2. Does anyone know of any research that has been done which compares index-based searches on relational tables to index-based searches on pureXML? For example, our current search might look for a document using customer name and birth date ---- assuming indexes are set up properly, would that same search have similar performance on a pureXML table? Thanks.
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