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Pinned topic Free @ $0.59/hour?

‏2012-05-01T02:45:21Z |
I received an invitation to "a complimentary trial of IBM PureSystems" and decided to try it out. The invitation said, "With our trial offerings, we are putting PureSystems into your hands - at no charge."

After signing up, I tried to create instances (One for Windows Server 2008 and another for DB2 Express), and in each case the configuration shown in the Control Panel showed hourly rates. At those points I aborted the instance creation, since I am not authorized to commit my company (a state-run university) to charges that are not pre-approved.

So the question is, is the trial "complimentary/free", in which case the hourly charges are there just to give a "real feel" for the service, or does the trial involve my company paying IBM real dollars for the complimentary trial?

Please note, this is a request for clarity, not a complaint, about your policies.
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    Re: Free @ $0.59/hour?

    Thanks for signing up for the trial/we hope you find the time in the cloud valuable! This is indeed a no charge trial to you or your company -you will not receive a bill for your usage. You were correct to state that the charges you see, should help you ascertain your charges in the future should you move out of the trial into your own account.
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    Re: Free @ $0.59/hour?

    Lifted from the dW Cloud Trial FAQ ----
    Q: When I am provisioning instances, I see hourly rates for the instances. Will I be charged?
    A: All of the users that are part of our 90 day dW Cloud Trial will not be charged for any activities. The environment that you are using is the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise platform that is used by paying customers. For this reason, this is why you see these prices listed for hourly rates even though you will not be charged for your usage.

    Hope this helps! Bob