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‏2012-04-30T17:11:59Z |
We deeply regret to inform GPFS users that the service update contains a serious flaw. When parsing some RPCs sent by nodes running GPFS or earlier, the code in incorrectly processes certain data structures, resulting in GPFS crashes. The most typical symptom of this issue is the "((diskNum > 0) && (diskNum <= sgP->getNDisks())" assert in LogFile::append, although other symptoms are possible. The problem occurs most readily when metadata is not replicated (mmlsfs shows -m 1); metadata replication mitigates the problem to a large extent, but not completely. Full data and metadata replication would prevent the problem from happening.

The problem is limited to the scenarios where and pre- nodes are present in the same cluster, accessing the same file systems. If you are considering upgrading GPFS from a pre- level (including 3.3.0.X), do not upgrade to the unpatched Clusters running only or later nodes, including, are not affected.

The problem will be fixed in An efix for is also available via IBM Service.

Sincere apologies,

GPFS team
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    Re: Backward compatibility problem in GPFS

    To expand on the previous post: both and levels contain the same backward compatibility issue. All of the warnings and workarounds also apply to


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