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Pinned topic How to deal with Multi Currency / Multi Operating Company Projects in FP

‏2012-04-30T15:47:06Z |
How can you set up a project which has components across multiple subsiduary operating companies which themselves could be in different countries and or different currencies? For example, if we wanted to use Focal Point to record a single project that spanned three subsiduary companies using their own local currency, e.g. EURO/GBP/Kronner, and the project has one budget figure, i.e. £1,000,000 but this is split over the three companies perhaps 20%, 30%, 50%. We can only see how to resolve this using three separate projects, but it still does not solve the currency issue if aggregating at total Company level and moreover there would only be spend at total level per accounting period (i.e. not times three). Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
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    Re: How to deal with Multi Currency / Multi Operating Company Projects in FP

    Hi Debbie, this could be a challenge. Here in New Zealand we can not even get the right date and currency format (one or the other has to be wrong when using FP - we use the UK date format and US currency format).

    A partial answer to your question might be to add additional hidden attributes to convert the local currencies into pounds - these hidden attributes could then be used for the aggregation. Definitely not perfect but might help.