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Pinned topic Printing Postscript files through Infoprint Manager to a Postscript printer

‏2012-04-30T14:59:08Z |

I am runnning Infoprint Manager 4.3 on AIX 5.2 . There is no problem printing AFP files, but I have hit a snag trying to use "AIX DSS" or "Other Printer" actual destinations to send unconverted Postscript files to native Postscript printers.

The files are big, and they print correctly, but when I try to print different files to different printers at the same time, Infoprint sends the first job to the first printer and until it has finished spooling, the next one doesn't start. According to "ps" , there is only one instance on the backend (pioinfo/pioibmnpm - piotransform - piout) runnning.

Is there a way to manage more than one print job simultaneously?