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Pinned topic RDZ COBOL Debugging Question

‏2012-04-30T14:13:16Z |
Hi - does anyone knows how to set 'set warning off' permanently while debugging COBOL program in RDZ? I have to set this command everytime I have a new COBOL debugging session and when I have to change a field value. Thanks.
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  • infocat
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    Re: RDZ COBOL Debugging Question

    ‏2012-05-08T17:00:00Z  in response to Poloman
    The following is the way I know how to do it. There may be others.

    First, your system programmer needs to implement the PREFERENCESDSN option in the system EQAOPTS member. For example:

    Since my user ID is DVFJS I created a dataset called 'PGMR.DBGTOOL.PREFS.DVFJS". Inside this I can put

    So any time a Debug session is created this file is read and this command (and any commands in this file) is executed.

    If you want this option set not just for yourself but everyone you can have your sysprog update EQAOPTS with the GPFDSN (global preferences file dataset name) option, i.e.:


    And you can put your 'SET WARNING OFF;' in there.

    I don't have RDz, but Debug Tool and the GUI plugin for "CICS Explorer", but I am guessing this will work for RDz as well.

  • SuryaShan
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    Re: RDZ COBOL Debugging Question

    ‏2012-06-22T12:49:43Z  in response to Poloman
    we have a option to set the command "SET WARNING OFF".
    Please select the following option : Windows -> Show View -> Debug Console
    new sub penal will be opened and we can see Debug Engine Command. There we can set the command "SET WARNING OFF" and hit enter. After that it will never show any warning message.

    Surya S
    • SystemAdmin
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      Re: RDZ COBOL Debugging Question

      ‏2012-06-25T20:47:56Z  in response to SuryaShan
      It is also possible to add commands to the "Incoming Remote Debug Session" configuration.
      "Incoming Remote Debug Session" launch configurations are used when Debug Tool makes a connection to RDz. Once the name of the program is determined the matching "Incoming Remote Debug Session" launch configuration is associated with the debug session. Settings from that launch configuration are applied to the debug session.
      e.g. a tab in the launch configuration allows for commands to be entered that will be sent to Debug Tool at the start of the debug session.

      If you have difficulty finding the matching launch configuration the do the following:

      1) start a debug session
      2) RMB on the debug session in the debug view
      3) Select to edit the launch config (it is a bit tricky to find but look for "Edit <pgm name>"

      The dialog that displays should have the tab "Debug Console Commands" that allows you to enter commands. Even selecting them from commands that were entered while running the debug session.