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Pinned topic Infosphere server 8.7 Installation error

‏2012-04-29T11:28:54Z |
Hi, While installing 8.7 on Linux 5.5 x86_64 biit server, struck with below error...Please help me in resolving the error:

SEVERE: CDIIN5021E: Copy source file does not exist: /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/DSEngine/sample/?.profile.:
{AbstractAddFileAction: id=copy.profile toPath=SubstitutableValue: Token="/usr/spool/ds/.profile", Value="/usr/spool/ds/.profile" ifExists=CHECK_EXISTS_BEHAVIOR fileOverwrite=NEVER Permissions: {Unix: owner= SubstitutableValue: Token="${ds.admin.uid}", Value="dsadm" group= SubstitutableValue: Token="${ds.admin.gid}", Value="dstage" userPermissions= rwx groupPermissions= rx worldPermissions= rx}, null}
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    Re: Infosphere server 8.7 Installation error


    I experienced exactly the same error. Under the specified path you will find a file named "_.profile". I copied and renamed the file to "?.profile" and pushed the retry-button in the installer to continue the installation.
    I suppose the cause of the problem may be language-setting related, but I am not sure. Also, I don't know if this workaround damages the system in any way (I am still installing the server).
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    Re: Infosphere server 8.7 Installation error

    Please let me know if the workaround worked.
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    Re: Infosphere server 8.7 Installation error

    Did you see a new Redbook for Information Server Deployment Architectures was released last week? Not sure this will help but it is a great resource. Love the Redbooks!!

    Here's the link: Link: