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‏2012-04-28T09:31:26Z |
Hi ,

i am making research these days if my company can use hibernate framework in Web Experience Factory

The Scenario is :
1 - i created new portlet factory project.
2 - then in the build path i added hibernate required JAR files.
3 - I created new New Class and mapped it with that database table and the Class's entities with Table columns in DB.
4 - then I created new Class imports classes from Hibernate required JAR Files and defined CRUD operations.
5 - i created back end model provider and declared linked java object builder to use the class in step 4.
6 - when run the provider model there are ClassNotFoundException the JAR file classes those are imported in Class in step 4 are not found.
7- i disabled the action list that runs LJO method and created method builder with Imports of JAR file classes there are compiling error :cannot resolved type .

The Required Scenario:
Make the Classes in the Build path used and seen by My Models.

Notes : if i run the class in step 04 in main method it works in servlets it works in portlets 286 it works but in web exp. factory it doesn't work ...

any ideas ?

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    Re: Build Path and Link Java Objects

    Where are the JAR files that you added to the build path? If they are in web-inf/lib of your project they should have been deployed as part of your WAR and resolved by the deployed WAR's classloader. It sounds like the JARs are not in the runtime classpath of the WAR. You may need to enable verbose class loading in the app server to see where it's looking for those classes.