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Pinned topic Accesing DB2z v8 via JDBC

‏2012-04-27T14:26:58Z |
Hello everyone, I have DB2 for z/OS 8.1

My requirement is access to that DB2 v8 server from other Java platforms, as AIX by example.

What do I need ?

I need DB2 Connect ?

Or I need Websphere Application Server somewhere in my environment ?
Many thanks in advance !
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    Re: Accesing DB2z v8 via JDBC

    In order to access DB2 on zOS using JDBC all you need is the universal jdbc driver that comes with every db2 client installation
    the catch is that when you try to connect to zos using jdbc, it will check if you have a license for that connection
    that license file is called db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar
    in order to get this license file you either need to purchase db2 connect or websphere application server
    i would contact your ibm support person and ask how you can obtain that license

    but once the license is there, connecting to zos is just like connecting to any other platform