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Pinned topic CICS PA plug-in V3.2.1 enhancements coming soon

‏2012-04-27T13:53:48Z |
The IBM CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS (CICS PA) plug-in V3.2.1 will be enhanced, improving the navigation within the CICS PA perspective to provide easier access to CICS transaction and system health information. In addition, the Sheet view has been enhanced to allow users to customize the key performance metrics to be viewed and analyzed. Furthermore, the new Wait Analysis and Suspend time report has been incorporated into the detailed performance summary views.

The Sheet view has been enhanced in a number of ways, greatly improving its usability and performance. Custom layouts can be created much more easily than before and saved in the workspace for reuse at a later date, letting you build a library of named views that are tailored to your performance tasks. Contextual data filters associated with each displayed column are also saved with the column layouts. Sort operations are now performed on the host by DB2, significantly reducing network traffic.

The Wait Analysis and Suspend time reports complement the existing detailed Threadsafe, CPU, Storage, and File reports, providing even more detail on individual transactions.

See the attachment for a more detailed description plus some screenshots of the enhancements.
The CICS PA plug-in V3.2.1 requires CICS Explorer V1.1.1. The plug-in will be generally available for download from on June 1st 2012. No host changes are required. For more information about CICS PA, please visit