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Pinned topic creating outbound post request over http

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I need some assistance in the creation of an outbound http post message using the commerce messaging system. Due to the scarcity of quality information on the creation of this channel I attempted to configure my desired route to invoke a REST service.

I carried out the following:

1. add a new message type in the MSGTYPES table configured to be an outbound message
2. enable HTTP transport in WCS admin console
3. configure the message to use HTTP transport and either 'standard device' or 'http browser' device format
(this was paired with the appropriate struts config entry for the view to compose the message -3 and -1 respectively)
4. associated the message with the full url of REST service
5. created a task command that would employe the SendMsgCmd to send the message
6. created a view that would create the message content
(on various attempts the output when to just the content of the POST request to a full POST request including HTTP params like Content-Length)
7. added appropriate configuration of the view in struts config
8. loaded correct policy to enable use of view
9. attempted to use both the compose and set content methods to provide message contents

I was plagued by Connection time out errors when using the commerce messaging system.
I could invoke the service from a browser. I could create an HTTPClient in a command and also invoke the service succesfuly. I could get the messaging system to call a dummy command on the same commerce server enabling me to see the posted data.
Any assistnace in trying to track down the error of my ways would be extremly appreciated.
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    Re: creating outbound post request over http

    I would do couple of checks to debug this further.

    Do a telnet <your REST server> <port> from WCS server to ensure connectivity is working fine from server side WCS server and your REST server, a firewall rule may be blocking your connection and this test will help you validate.

    If your REST service is on https you may have to import the certificate in WCS JVM trust store else you will get a security handshake error.