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Pinned topic Questions about iwidget API in Mashup builder in Websphere Portal

‏2012-04-27T00:15:24Z |
I have a questions about iwidget API in Mashup builder in Websphere Portal.

We are trying deployment using iwidget in mashup builder in Websphere Portal.

We want to get login user name by client side iwidget api.
We can get login user name with this code in Mashup Center.


But we can not get login user name in Websphere Portal mashup builder.

I found this wiki information today.

According to this information , I think I can get Login user name by this code with iwidget.
But this code still return null.

iWidget API:
var userProfile = iContext.getUserProfile();
var result = userProfile.getItemValue(itemName);

Could you tell me additional information if this code is missing for get login user name?

In addition please tell me if you know the API information about iwidget in websphere Portal.

We need iwidget API specifications documents in Mashup builder in Websphere Portal case.
Could you send me iWidget API specifications documents?
Best regards,
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    Re: Questions about iwidget API in Mashup builder in Websphere Portal

    ‏2012-04-30T18:19:40Z  in response to SaitowAsuka
    Hi -

    I forwarded your post to the Mashup Builder team and their response was that this problem looks like something you should open a PMR for and work with Support to resolve.

    I'm not sure how much help they can be with Portal API issues.