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Pinned topic Dynamic map invocation from DataPower

‏2012-04-26T16:30:46Z |
XI50 4.0.2

Is it possible to dynamically invoke a WTX map on DataPower?

Can a WTX map be invoked from a stylesheet (i.e. via an extension)?

Does the "Transform Binary" action support the use of a Variable for the map name or does the map name always need to be statically defined?

Thank you.
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    Re: Dynamic map invocation from DataPower

    You might not be able to invoke the WTX map (*.dpa) from stylesheet or DP extension function directly. However, you can try to use stylesheet to fetch the WTX map (dp:url-open) and assign to context variable (dp:set-variable), then edit the Transform Binary action and specify the WTX Map file using context variable.