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‏2012-04-26T14:45:07Z |
So some customers will have implemented SDMC for hardware control purposes, and may not be able to replace immediately - if that includes you, you might find this interesting.

I searched in vain for a panel in the GUI to help me to change the password expiration field for an existing user account. Eventually I found the "smcli mkuser" command, which would allow me to set max password age for a new user. But what about an existing user? "man chuser" didn't really help, but "smcli chuser --help" did come up with some interesting output. This is what it gave me:

smcli chuser --help Usage: smcli chsmusr -u name [-p password] [-c current_password] [-g groups] [-R groups] [-d 
"description"] [-m 
}] [-x key=value[,key=value...]] [-h] Modifies a user -u | --name           Name of the user to change. Required parameter. -p | --passwd         New password 

for the user. -c | --currpasswd     Current password 


this user. -g | --addgroups      Group membership to add to 

this user. Can specify more than one group by using a comma separated list. -R | --removegroups   Group membership to remove from 

this user. Can specify more than one group by using a comma separated list. Can remove only supplementary groups. -d | --desc           The description 

for the user. -m | modify           Change the Director console access settings 

for the user. Possible values: lock, unlock, reset. Lock option locks the user access; unlock option unlocks the user access; reset option resets the number of failed attempts 

for the user to 0. -x                    Other parameters in the format key=value. Multiple key-value pairs must be separated by a comma without spaces. You can specify any of the following keys: expire (the number of days until the password 


this user expires), usertype (the authentication type 

for the user: local (

default), ldap, or kerberos), timeout (SSH timeout value, in seconds, 

for the user), remoteuserid (remote user ID 

for Kerberos authentication). -h | --help           Displays 

this help. See man page 

for more information about using the chuser command

So, what I need is the command "smcli chsmusr -u $user -x expire=NNNNN" - man chsmusr does not give anything useful, by the way.

Has anyone else hit this, or found some documentation for it?