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Pinned topic WebSphere Portal Enable vs Extend

‏2012-04-26T14:43:30Z |
Hello everyone,

As you may have already known there are three types of WebSphere Portal licenses: Express, Enable and Extend. Once you have installed it you may find it difficult to determine what type of installation you deal with.

I have found this topic talking about that issue:

That way works properly for V7 but not for previous versions.

Do you know some way to identify the installation we deal with?

I know that it can be guessed looking at the software installed with the websphere portal product. I would like to find another way using for example file (I do not know exactly what each field means).

Thank you very much in advanced.
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    Re: WebSphere Portal Enable vs Extend

    Hi David,

    Not sure if there is any way to find the product type after it is installed. However, you can check the wp_profile/PortalServer/wps.prooperties file. Check the property "WPFamilyName"

    • If it is server then it is Portal Server
    • If it is content then it is Extend or Enable
    • If it is express then it is Express