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‏2012-04-26T09:15:45Z |
Hi Group,
has anybody used lsrg to get informations about the current active rpDomain?

For an easy discovery task, we want to read all automated resources with groups and locating NodeNames.
This can be done by

glsbtcb21102:/home/xgsamadm:>lsrg -m -D
';' |head Displaying Member Resource information: Class:Resource:Node[ManagedResource];Mandatory;MemberOf;OpState;WinSource;Location;;False;glsbapb21102_apache-dwt-rg ;Online;;; IBM.ResourceGroup:glsbtcb21102_wbdimporter-rg;False;wbd-rg ;Online;;;;False;glsbtcb21102_00f_instanz_81-rg ;Online;;; ...

I can reduce the output by appending the atrribute names to the command

glsbtcb21102:/home/xgsamadm:>lsrg -m -D
';' MemberOf Mandatory |head Displaying Member Resource information: MemberOf;Mandatory;OpState; glsbapb21102_apache-dwt-rg;0;;

But how do I filter for the Resource Name, class and node?
Thanks so long
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    Re: Output lsrg

    Hello Manfred,

    there is no selection string which would do the job.
    I would just do simple UNIX commands:

    lsrg -m -x -D";"| cut -d";" -f1,3,4,6|egrep "^IBM.Application:sam"
    IBM.Application:samadapter;samadapter-rg ;Online;p6sa27

    Andreas Schauberer
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    Re: Output lsrg

    Hi Andreas,
    neat idea..that works for me.

    Thanks a lot for the answer and see you at EOTC,